About Tilburg Education Hub


Tilburg Education Hub (TEH) is an online catalogue of open education classes and materials developed at Tilburg University. It's a hub for students where they can find all the openly shared courses.

Why was TEH developed?

Many colleagues have started developing open education materials, but there is still no single catalogue that students can use to easily access them. This is just an experiment, a sister project of Tilburg Science Hub. If you have any feedback, question or suggestion, feel free to contact us!

Who maintains TEH?

TEH is part of a bigger, open-source project called Tilburg Science Hub. Its development has been financially supported by Tilburg School of Economics and Management (2019-...).

The site is managed by Hannes Datta and Tobias Klein. Some material is based on the fantastic (open source) works of others - see below.

Do you want to contribute to TEH or your open education class to be featured? Contact us below!

Any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at tsh [at] tilburguniversity [dot] edu.